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Active conflict resolution

Kochi, India: Feb. 12, 2012

I complained about the taxi driver from the airport to the hotel Abbad Metro as he drove in an agressive and reckless style. I felt that this was the right decision to protect others from possible bad accidents. The hotel manager to which I talked to connected me with the airport manager. He took my complaint very seriously. After a day, the lobby called me: “Could you come down?” I was quite astonished that they’ve send over the taxi driver to talk to me. When I entered the lobby, I was confronted with an angry face. The hotel manager explained him the situation. It seemed to me that the guy didn’t understand what I was talking about. “The problem with these guys are, that they don’t get the point. But anyway he got a lesson. If he doesn’t behave, they will fire him.” The conclusion from the hotel manager was quite clear. “I hope that hte guy won’t follwo me, now” Despite that I’ve  found it worthful to clarify the situation, I, too, felt a little bit frightened

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